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Tekla Essentials Key Learnings

Tutorial 1
  • Create new model

  • Create grids

  • Create Model views

  • Point Creation

  • Model Footings

  • Model Columns

  • Model Beams

  • Member offset and rotations

  • Adding Baseplate, Endplate, Shear Plate Connections

  • Copying Members


Tutorial 2
  • Setting out and connecting Portal Frame

  • Modelling Wall bracing

  • Working with Workplanes

  • Creating True Plan views

  • Modelling Roof bracing

  • Adding Bracing Connections

  • Model Purlins

  • Adding Purlin Connections

  • Adding Bridging

Tutorial 3
  • 3d Modelling techniques – working across multiple views

  • Modelling Holes manually

  • Modelling plates using Contour Plate Tool (Hopper walls)

  • Modelling plates using Beam Tool (Hopper Flange)

  • Welding


Tutorial 4
  • Constructing points at an angle to setout stair

  • Modelling PFC stair stringers and controlling toeing direction

  • Mitre joints

  • Cutting tools – Line Cut and Fitting

  • Modelling a folded plate tread using Polybeam

  • Polybeam corner chamfers


Tutorial 5
  • Creating baseplate connection manually

  • Trimming/extending column shaft with fitting

  • Modelling plates using Beam Tool (Baseplate)

  • Modelling plates using Contour Plate Tool (Stiffeners)

  • Modelling holes manually

  • Welding

  • Creating Custom Component

  • Redefining parts bolt through using “Bolt Parts” tool

  • Notching beams using Polygon Cut

  • Adding penetrations using Polygon Cut and Part cuts

  • Bolting beams manually


Tutorial 6
  • Modelling pipe truss

  • Constructing points at an angle to setout truss

  • Using Endplate 144 connection to work on a pipe

  • Using Round Tube 23 component to cut pipe around pipe

  • Adding splices using split tool

  • Using splice plate component

  • Creating wrap around drawing (unfolded development) of notched pipe.


Tutorial 7

In tutorial 7, you apply all the learnings from Tutorials 1 to 6 to this project.

This project is treated as a real project and the student is given project setup information such as required bolt grades, part names to be used, assembly mark prefixes and start numbers and part prefixes and start numbers.


The students will learn:

  • Project setup

  • Setting out a hip roof

  • Setting out jack rafters

  • Hip connections

  • Create custom rafter apex connection

  • Using Fitting 13 component to automate trimming truss members

  • Exploring column/mullion under rafter connection

  • Numbering the model

  • Checking the model

  • Clash checking

  • Running reports

  • Model view representations


Tutorial 8

This is currently being created and should be available in a few weeks. This will cover drawing creation and the students will learn:

  • Creating GA Drawings (Marking Plans)

  • 3D Perspective drawings

  • HD Bolt Plans

  • Floor plans

  • Roof plans

  • Purling Plans

  • Elevations

  • Creating Assembly Drawings

  • Creating Single Part Drawings

  • Drawing Wizards

  • Drawing editing tools


Tutorial 9

This is currently being created and should be available in a few weeks. This will cover drawing management and model revisions. The students will learn:

  • The process for revising the model using a checklist provide

  • Numbering after a revision

  • Tracking changed marks

  • Exploring drawing flags Tekla uses to note what has changed on the drawing

  • Updating affected drawings

  • Adding revision clouds and revisions to drawings

  • Using “Ready for Issuing” and “Issued” drawing flags in the Document Manager

  • Checking for new drawings

  • Printing drawings

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