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Online Tekla Training

Our Tekla Structures Training differs from other Tekla training because it teaches the practical application of Tekla Structures on real world examples and builds your knowledge in a logical progression Tutorial by Tutorial.

There are other online courses available that will teach you some of the basic tools, but these are not enough to learn how to use Tekla Structures for when you need to start your first project.

Trimble have some training material for Tekla Structures licenses holders, and I would recommend you check that out first.

Learn Tekla Structures

But if you want a more practical understanding of Tekla Structures, developed by a Structural Steel Detailer, for Structural Steel Detailers and prefer to learn at your own pace, our online video courses are broken into several tutorials where you build upon your knowledge of Tekla in each tutorial.


Tutorials 1 to 6 teaches the basic fundamentals of modelling and once completed you then apply what you have learnt to complete Tutorial 7 which is essentially a test of your modelling knowledge. Click here for a detailed list of key learnings per tutorial.

The model produced in Tutorial 7 is then used to produce drawings such as Marking Plans, Assembly Drawings and Single Part Drawings in Tutorial 8. 

However, before drawings are created, I'll also show you how to check your model using reports and other tools.

After the drawings have been created, we will also take a look at how you manage revisions to the model and subsequent effect on the drawings in Tutorial 9.

Here is a short video which shows the tutorials we will cover in the course...

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