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Tekla & Steel Detailing Assessments

When hiring new staff, it is challenging to try to ascertain a candidate’s true abilities when it comes to software such as Tekla Structures or their Steel Detailing Skills.

Of course, previous employment history and years in the industry will give you clues but to truly get an insight to what they really know, the only accurate option is to put them through assessments.

That’s why I have put together an online Tekla Skills Assessment and an online Steel Detailing Assessment.

These tests are not only useful for potential employees, but also to allow you to gauge the skill levels of your current staff.

You may consider providing training to increase their knowledge.


Tekla Skills Assessment


Consisting of approximately 140 questions and broken into 3 categories (Modelling, Drawing & System Customisation) the results will provide insight into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

With the test having been completed by many users over the past few years it is possible to providing gradings to see where users sit in comparison to other users.

Following the candidate(s) sitting the test, I can provide just the results, or I can review the individual answers to provide commentary on the results.

Here are an example of the results …











Here is an example of the results with commentary …








Test Results only – $150
/candidate +GST
Test Results + Commentary – $200 /candidate +GST


Steel Detailing Skills Assessment


This assessment consists of 54 questions and is designed to be taken with access to any industry standard documentation (manufacturers catalogues, industry wall charts etc.) as it is not designed to be a memory test but a test in whether the candidate knows where to find the information etc.

There are no software related questions so this assessment could be taken by any Steel Detailer. It does contain references to Australian standards.

Pricing: $150 /candidate +GST

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