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Tekla Tools

Explore the range of Tekla Tools we have developed and if you wish to purchase complete the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page noting the Tools you are interested in, and I will reply with pricing etc.

If you have any ideas for new Tools please let us know!

Tekcon Grade Changer
As you know when you model in Tekla, the user has to make sure they use the correct grade for the corresponding profile and in most cases, there is only ever one grade per profile.

Also, there are cases where you may want to use the same grade for all parts named a certain part name. For example Purlins should always be grade G450.

The main benefits of the “Grade Changer” tool are:

  • Grades for CHS, RHS and SHS can be defined and you never have to bother remembering to check their grade

  • Some users like to use grade 300PLUS for plates and some 250. This can be set and forget

  • In some components such as the Cold Rolled cleat, sometimes you use an angle as the bracket which is 300PLUS but its easy to forget to change the grade from 250.

  • Purlins, Girts, GPB’s etc.. can be set to be Grade G450 automatically

Check out this video:

Tekcon Cost Code Tool

Many mining projects require the detailer to add Cost Codes to the model. This can be time very consuming.

This tool runs in real time and will automatically populate the Cost Code Unit of Measure (UOM) and the Cost Code value reading from data stored in a simple CSV file that the user can customise.

The user simply has to add the Cost Code to the member and the UOM and Value is entered and calculated automatically!

Check out this video:

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