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Tekla Tips & Support

As a Detailer, you don’t have time to spend hours reading through all the help documents, watching videos and webinars and trawling through pages and pages of version release notes!

Tekcon Services helps Tekla users unlock hidden features of the software, quickly see what new features have been released, provide tips for making your work easier and a support service for when you get stuck on a problem.

We have a Tekla Tips & News service which provides you with weekly Tekla tips, new version highlights, warehouse tools to check out and more.

Members will be sent weekly emails for 12 months then monthly.

Emails contain Tekla tips which will help you be more efficient, new tools in the latest Tekla versions and also reviews of some of the best Tekla Warehouse tools that will help you day to day.

The Tekla Tips have been gathered from my 20 years’ experience dealing with Tekla users seeing what they found to be useful. I’m sure not all tips will be new to you, but I trust there will be many that are new or that you have forgotten about.

The service is AUD$395+GST. Contact me for details.

Then we have direct Tekla Structures Support. Ever been stuck on a problem with Tekla that you need an answer to and not sure who to ask for help ? Purchase a low cost monthly subscription and you can contact us via email and we will provide you with answers.

We have 2 Tekla Support Subscriptions available:

Basic Support – 2 cases per month – AUD$75/month* +GST

Premium Support – 7 cases per month – AUD$175/month* +GST

* Billed annually in advance

Both subscriptions include as a bonus a free subscription to the Tekla Tips Service.

A single Case is considered to take approximately 15mins to solve. If your case requires additional work and research an extra charge may apply if you wish to continue or we can use the balance of your remaining cases and apply them to this case.

If the number of cases purchased are not utilised during the month, the balance will lapse.

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