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Tekla Reports

Ever had a client ask for specific data from the model?

Or, is the workshop needing a special report such as an assembly list with barcodes?

Or, do you simply want to check the model easily using custom self-checking reports?

Did you know Tekla can produce PDF reports now complete with your company logo and cleaner fonts like this example:

You might want a set of QA reports developed to use for checking the model like this example?

…or, a CSV or Excel based report to allow you to take the data from Tekla and manipulate in Excel  …

Tekla’s flexible report editor makes this possible and I can make this happen.


Send me your requirements and I’ll take a look.

Tekcon Services also offers a "Tekla Report Starter Pack" which consists of 5 Excel based reports to provide you with a professional set of reports to reflect the quality of your services.

The set consists of the following and includes the addition of your logo for AUD$750 +gst

  • Assembly List

  • Material List

  • Bolt List

  • Erection Bolt List

  • Drawing List

Here is an example set of reports.

Further customization is available upon request for an additional fee.

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