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Tekla Training

Whether for you or your staff, investing in proper training will increase your productivity significantly.

Having 20 years experience in delivering Tekla training I can tailor a package to suit specifically what you need and having been a Steel Detailer I know what areas to focus on.


If you're a business owner, your biggest investment is your staff so you need to make sure they have been given the training and skills to get the most out of Tekla Structures.

After consulting with management and staff I can advise on specialist training that will improve the knowledge of your staff. I can also arrange an online Tekla assessment to help understand better your staff’s strengths and weaknesses.

Click here to learn more about the Tekla and Steel Detailing Online Assessments I offer.

I can provide anything from basic Tekla Training through to more advanced custom training such as Custom Component and Template Editor training.

Training can be done:


Training can also be done after hours and in small blocks if that suits better.

Watkins Training.png

Image courtesy of Holovision 3D Pty Ltd

Here is a short video which shows the tutorials we cover in our Tekla Essentials course...

Our Tekla Structures Training differs from other Tekla training because it teaches the practical application of Tekla Structures on real world examples and builds your knowledge in a logical progression Tutorial by Tutorial.


There are other online courses available that will teach you some of the basic tools, but these are not enough to learn how to use Tekla Structures for when you need to start your first project.

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